Community Planning & Building Department

Comprehensive Plan Update:  

Beginning in February 2015 the Planning Department has been working with the Planning Advisory Board (PAB), City Council and interested community members on revising the Comprehensive Plan.  A draft of the goals and policies are available for your review.  There are multiple documents to assist you in this process.  Additional documents will be posted in the next few days and will include a summary of public comments received during the process and a list of events that have taken place.  An update of the next steps in the process will also be posted.

Council PAB Joint meeting 6-26-17 powerpoint

Comp Plan explained 4-11-17

2017 Comp Plan Goals and Policies

Comp Plan Matrix by element
Land Use
Parks and Open Space
Capital Facilities and Utilities
Economic Development

Summary of Public Comments

Comments from Design Langley

Feet First, a pedestrian advocacy non-profit organization, reviewed the Comp Plan and provided comments.

Draft of backgrounder for each element
Executive Summary 5/30/17
Land use 5/30/17

Comments received from the Planning Advisory Board

The video below from the WA Department of Commerce addresses why this effort matters.  

GMA Comp Plan Conversation Starters: A big picture perspective of why it matters

Design Manual:  
The Community Planning Department is in the process of updating the city's design standards in association with the Design Review Board.  The design manual will guide new development to ensure it is compatible with the design and character of the City.  More information will be provided soon for public review and comment.


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