Community Planning & Building Department

Comprehensive Plan Update:  

Beginning in February 2015 the Planning Department has been working with the Planning Advisory Board (PAB), City Council and interested community members on updating the Comprehensive Plan.   The final draft Comprehensive Plan is completed and posted here for your review. 
A public open house is being held on Monday October 30, 2017 at 5 pm in Council Chambers. 
You are invited to come out to discuss the draft Plan.

A SEPA determination and Notice of Application is posted here.

Final Draft Comp Plan by element:
Executive Summary
Land Use
Utilities & Capital Facilities
Parks & Open Space
Economic Development

Comprehensive Plan Maps
LU-1 Island County UGAs Map
LU-2 JPA Overlays Map
LU-3 JPA Districts Map
LU-4 Langley UGA Map
LU-5 Zone Map
LU-6 Overlay Districts Map
LU-7 Topography Map
LU-8 Critical Areas Map
LU-9 Potential Wetland Areas
LU-10 Land Uses
LU-11 Historical Society Properties Map

POS-1 Island County Parks and Open Space Map
POS-2 City Parks and Open Space Map
POS-3 5 Min Walking Distance Map
T-1 Island County Roads Map
T-2 WSDOT Road Classifications Map
T-3 Additional Transit Map
T-4 Langley Loop Map
T-5 Conceptual Trails Map
UCF-1 Sewer Current
UCF-2 Sewer Future
UCF-3 Water Infrastructure
UCF-4 Stormwater Infrastructure
UCF-5 Third Party Utilities (PSE)
UCF-6 Public Service Facilities
UCF-7 Sidewalk Inventory

Council PAB Joint meeting 6-26-17 powerpoint

Summary of Public Comments
Comments from Design Langley

Feet First, a pedestrian advocacy non-profit organization, reviewed the Comp Plan and provided comments.

Comments received from the Planning Advisory Board

The video below from the WA Department of Commerce addresses why this effort matters.  

GMA Comp Plan Conversation Starters: A big picture perspective of why it matters

Design Manual:  
The Community Planning Department is in the process of updating the city's design standards in association with the Design Review Board.  The design manual will guide new development to ensure it is compatible with the design and character of the City.  More information will be provided soon for public review and comment.


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