City Council

gggThe City of Langley has a Mayor-Council form of government. The City Council is the legislative branch of city government and the Mayor is the executive branch responsible for city administration. The City Council sets policy with the Mayor responsible for policy implementation and overseeing the daily operations of the City.

Five Council members are elected at-large to staggered four-year terms.The Council enacts ordinances and resolutions, holds public hearings, approves development plans, receives citizen suggestions and complaints, authorizes payment of City funds, approves contracts, creates committees and boards to assist in the operation of city government, and much more.

The Langley City Council meetings are the first and third Monday each month at 5:30 pm at City Hall; 112 Second Street. When Monday is a holiday, the council meets on Tuesday.

Meetings are open to the public. The agenda and council packet is available on the city website for download by clicking here. A copy of the Council Packet, excluding all confidential material, is available for public review at City Hall during business hours on the day of the Council meeting.

Communications to the Council can be sent to Letters may be directed to the City's postal address: P.O. Box 366, Langley, WA 98260

----------------------------------------------Audio of City Council Meetings---------------------------
1-3-17 cc mtg
1-17-17 cc mtg
2-7-17 cc mtg
2-21-17 cc mtg
3-6-17 cc mtg
3-20-17 recording is unavailable.
4-3-17 cc mtg
4-17-17 cc mtg


City Council Members

cc rene neff

Rene Neff
Seat #1


Ursula Shoudy
Seat #2



Dominique Emerson
Seat #3



Bruce Allen 
Seat #4





Thomas Gill
Seat #5