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News & Projects 

  • The First Street/Complete Street Project was approved by Council on January 22nd. The project aims to promote walkability by offering safer pedestrian crossings and create a pedestrian oriented plaza at First & Anthes and at Boy and Dog Park. Three raised crosswalks will be added and the intersection at First & Anthes will be reconstructed. A concrete road surface will replace the existing asphalt and new sidewalks and storm drainage system will be added. The project will be scheduled outside of summer months. The bid drawings by PACE Engineering can be found here.
  • On January 22nd, Ordinance 1051 was approved by Council. This set of housing code amendments are designed to decrease barriers for housing development and increase housing options for Langley’s workforce. In short, the amendments now permit more than one ADU per lot depending on circumstances, reduce barriers to boardinghouse approval, and allow Tiny Homes in clusters or standalone residences.
  • The Wayfinding Program was approved by Council on November 19th, 2018. The program establishes a hierarchy of sign types to guide both pedestrians and vehicles throughout the city. The taller and larger signs are geared toward directing motorists to parking areas while a separate smaller design is geared toward directing pedestrians to parks, shops, and food.The color-coded system uses the colors below to differentiate between different landmarks and activities.The signage will be implemented in phases and will replace some of the older signs. Phase 1 signs will direct motorists into town from key entry points in the city. These 5 signs will be installed shortly. More info can be found here. Watch for them at:

                -SE corner of Camano & Edgecliff Dr

                -NE corner of Camano Ave & Cascade Ave

                -SW corner of Camano Ave & Cascade Ave

                -SW corner of Saratoga Rd & DeBruyn Ave

                -South Side of Third St & DeBruyn

Public Notices

Notice of DNS and SEPA Checklist for the proposed Zoning Map Amendment ordinance to amend the official zoning map so as to change RS7200 to RM zone – mixed residential for the properties located at 843 Third Street and to change the single and duplex family (RS7200) zone district to RS5000 for the 45 properties located between first and Fourth Avenues and Park and Debruyn Avenues. (posted 2/20/2019)

The Planning Advisory Board is holding a public hearing to receive comment and testimony for the proposed Housing Code Amendments and Ordinance no. 1051.  The hearing is scheduled for Wednesday January 2 at 3 PM in City Hall Council Chambers.  Here is the public hearing notice and the draft ordinance and code amendments.

Notice of DNS and SEPA Checklist for the proposed Housing Code Amendments to amend Chapter 18 of the Langley Municipal Code to add new sections to Chapter 18.22 for accessory dwelling units, boardinghouse and tiny homes; to add a new Chapter 18.22.260 for tiny homes; to amend Chapter 18.04 pertaining to innovative permanently affordable housing projects to add clarifying language; and to amend Ch. 18.01.040 pertaining to definitions to add new and amend existing definitions to be consistent with the code amendments.

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